Redeemed & Restored

One of my dear friends, Sarah, and I went to a formal event tonight
for a club we're involved with on campus.
We also met up with our lovely friend Kate :)
[Whose blog you can check out here]

You guys, I have to admit though, I'm an outfit repeater.
Like, from the blazer, to the dress, to the shoes. Whoops.

Tonight I wanted to wear my hair extensions, I love wearing them because I feel like I can actually pull off a middle part when my hair is long.
Okay, I'm super weird, but this is how I curl my extensions. But I can't think of any other way. How do any of you who have extensions?

I did my makeup like in my Valentine's Day post, but this time I opted for my 
Chanel Gabrielle Lipstick.

Sarah is wearing a Forever 21 dress and Kohl's pumps.

My dress is from American Eagle and again I wore my chunky heeled, grey pumps from Kohl's. They're really tall, but the platform and thick heel make them relatively comfortable. The only problem is that my heel slips out occasionally :/

Overall, it was a really great night in the company of wonderful ladies.

Talk to you soon.
XO Kara


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