In With The New

Hi dolls!
I'm actually home for the weekend and I'm looking forward to going rock climbing tomorrow with my lovely friend Chelsea.

I've been browsing around online looking for some more trends for spring and summer.
One of my favorite looks I can't wait to try is the asymmetrical skirt. 
[Sorry for that heinous "cupids pick" thing]

Details [top left to bottom right]-- Nasty Gal. Forever 21. Forever 21. Nasty Gal.

I've been too nervous to try a maxi skirt because I'm too short, so I'm really excited to play around with some of these skirts. I'm not sure how I'll pair it-- I'm thinking with wedges and a fitted tank?

I realize circular lensed sunglasses aren't something everyone will like, but I personally love them. They're really daring, unique and completely remind me of Chanel.

Details-- Girlprops. Forever 21.

I plan on buying the half lensed ones and seeing if I can muster up the courage to wear them.

Finally is colored denim. Words can't express how explain how much I love this trend. I have seen a wide price range for colored denim, but my favorite ones are from Target.

I really am excited to play around with these trends when it gets warmer outside. Expect to see a lot of OOTD's :)

Talk to you soon!
XO Kara


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