Reality Check

Happy Monday!
I can't believe it's already the start of another week.
Time flies.
One month from today I will be flying from Chicago to London.
It's coming up so fast!!
I'm nervous about traveling and keeping all of my possessions safe.
I'll be with my mom and one of her friends for a week while we travel from London to Paris and then to Spain. After that they're leaving me and I'll be in Spain for 3 months.
I think I'm a pretty logical person and I have common sense, so that's a big part of keeping my things safe, but I'm still nervous about pick pocketing, etc.
I'll be bringing a DSLR camera, and that's one of my main concerns. I'm planning on buying a camera cube to keep it safe inside my purse, rather than bringing a camera bag.
If you guys have any tips on traveling I'd love to hear them!

But anyway, I'm looking forward to doing a bit of shopping before I leave. Here are some things I have my eye on at the moment.

Dresses and pants: H&M. Wedges: Target. Booties: Urban Outfitters.

I'm also looking for a new foundation for fall. I was thinking of the Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation. Do you guys have any recommendations?

Talk to you soon!
XO Kara


Lazy Girl :: Tutorial

Hello friends!
Some people see getting ready as a chore, but honestly I spend as much time as I can doing it. I think it's so fun to be able to play up certain features and mask others. You can go from looking like an innocent girl one day to a total diva the next. While I love getting ready, some days I don't feel like using a bunch of different brushes to apply different shadows. While this look still uses several brushes, I feel like I'm taking a short cut by not switching to a crease brush. I hope you guys enjoy and I'd love to see a picture if you re-create it!

 First I applied my Smashbox eyeshadow primer, then packed Sephora's eyeshadow in Exciting Safari all over the lid with my Sigma E55 brush.
 Instead of using a dark shadow and having to worry about blending it completely, I added Chopper from my Naked2 pallet, which is a very pinky gold, to my crease with the same brush. This adds a bit of dimension but in a very easy way.
 Using the same brush again, I added a small amount of Half Baked, an intense gold to the inner fourth of my eye to shape it even more.
 I chose YDK, a dark rose gold shadow and applied that to my lower lash line instead of eyeliner. For this I used my Sigma E30 brush.
 To highlight my brow bone I added Foxy, a matte cream color with my Sigma E40. This will also get rid of any harsh lines.
 Next I added a thin line of my Elf liquid liner and I winged it out, as always.
 You might remember I mentioned in a post during winter how I used to neglect filling in my brows. Not the case anymore. I feel like my makeup isn't complete until I do them. I simply use the powder from my Elf Brow Kit and fill in my brows with my Sigma E65 brush using short strokes.
 I have been using the Clinique High Definition Lashes mascara lately. The dual sided brush is what caught my eye in the department store. It has a normal side, but also a very firm, short side to really separate lashes. First I curled my lashes, then applied several coats.
 This photo doesn't do the eyes justice; it's more pigmented in person.
I finished the look by applying a Bouncy Blush in Pink Frosting, and my Buxom Lipgloss.
Sorry I don't have a better quality photo, but this is the finished look!!

Talk to you dolls soon
XO Kara



Happy Monday all!
These weeks have been flying by.
I hate when you have so many plans for summer and there simply isn't enough time to get them all done.
Today I'm going to 6 Flags with a couple friends though! I'm really excited. I love roller coasters. Do you guys?

Anyway, these linen shorts are definitely some of my favorites for this summer. They're light, which is perfect for hot days. They also have a laid back feel with the loose fit and tie waist, but the dark color keeps things polished.
One of my favorite ways to style them is with a loose button up that I tie at the waist. This is kind of a template I go back to and find different ways to accessorize it.

The first look I kept really simple. Similar colors with a pop from the leopard shoes. I wanted to mimic the shape of the neckline by adding a necklace. It's delicate but adds dimension to the outfit. I also went for my go-to top knot when the weather is so warm. It's nice to get all my hair out of the way, but also do it in kind of a chic manner. This casual pairing is perfect for running errands and shopping.

Details-- Shirt: Old Navy. Shorts: Hollister. Loafers: MIA. Watch: D&G. Necklace: Forever 21.

This is another no fuss pairing. This time I chose a lighter shirt with some dark detailing. I added a few more bracelets with the same watch and a straw sunhat to give this similar look a different vibe. I left my hair down and sprayed in some salt water to add texture and create beachy waves. Overall this is really laid back and perfect for just hanging out with friends.

Details-- Shirt: PacSun. Shorts: Hollister. Sandals: Michael Kors. Bag: Coach. Watch: D&G. Bracelets: Lucky Brand. Hat: Forever 21.

Thanks so much for reading dolls!
I'd love to hear how your summers are going. Have you done anything exciting?
Talk to you soon
XO Kara



Hello blog friends!
I've been terrible at posting lately and I'm mad at myself for it. I'm sorry :(
A good way to keep up with what I've been doing [and eating] recently is through Instagram. My username is ktimmel.

Here are some things I've been loving lately!
amaretto & coconut gelato
bright colors & floral patterns 
 picking up lunch from the grocery store
 sneaking my favorite denim shirt into my summer wardrobe
 waking up, reading & having my coffee while getting some sun
 gorgeous Rebecca Minkoff bag that is STILL and Marshalls and is still tempting me
DIY chair to complete my makeup desk 
wheat bagel with garlic & herb cream cheese, turkey, lettuce, onion, & sun-dried tomato spread
having a great time at Summerfest
editing photos with the app "Diptic"

So that's a little peek into what I've been doing lately!
What have you been up to?
Love you all
XO Kara