Déjà Vu

Hi everyone!
I typically try to find items that are really versatile when I'm shopping, but there are only so many ways you can style some things.
While I might re-wear the same piece of clothing a lot, I try to always find a new way to wear it.
I never was huge into changing my accessories, but I have come to find that utilizing them can be the best way to make your wardrobe seem twice as big.
I'm on the hunt for some new accessories to revamp the clothes I already own.
Here are some I've been eyeing while online shopping--

Goddess Chain. Urban Outfitters. $19
Zig Zag Bracelet. Target. $9.99

Suede Wrap Bracelet. Target. $14.99

Graduate Collar Necklace. Forever 21. $9.80 
Scarf. H&M. $9.95

Chain Belt. H&M. $12.95

All of these affordable pieces can be used to completely change the feel of an outfit. I can't wait to pick some up :)

You guys might remember a post from spring where I actually wore this outfit, but with a different scarf. I bought the H&M scarf from above in a pretty coral color, and it totally brightened up my outfit, as opposed to the blue scarf I wore with this the other time.

Details-- Scarf: H&M. Shirt: Old Navy. Dress: H&M. Sandals: Michael Kors.

Thanks so much for reading!
Where do you guys like to buy accessories? I'm really looking to expand my collection.
XO Kara


  1. love this post because although I'm not a big clothes shopper (I know, crazy) ... I LOVE buying accessories. my sister always laughs at me because whenever she drags me shopping, I'm always over looking at sunglasses and hats and scarves. I can't wait for fall!!

    1. I have a feeling that'll be me too :) I'm seriously obsessed with sunglasses. I can't wait for fall either!!

  2. Gosh what a colorful scarf I really love it!!!

  3. beautiful scarf, love the color