Catch Up

Hello loves!!
First I'd like to just say how thankful I am for my mother. She is such a wonderful person and I'm so happy I have such a good relationship with my parents--love you mom. Don't forget to take time today to tell your moms how much they mean to you!

I'm sorry it has been so long since my last post.
Everything has been insane since moving back home for summer.
I worked doubles the two days after I moved back, and the past two days I've been working or re-arranging and organizing my room and closet. It's been quite the project but I'm so happy with how it turned out.
I'll be doing a tour soon, I just need to finish a few more things :)

My dear friend Chelsea is moving to California in less than two weeks, so I'm trying to spend as much time as possible with her.
I'm beyond excited for her, but I'm also sad to see her go.
This just means I'll have to make a trip out to California sometime, right?

Anyway, we went out for sushi tonight and it was SO GOOD.
We couldn't stop talking about how delicious it was.
Here's what I wore--

Remember my Faux Pixie Pants post? I went to H&M and tried on the pants and FELL IN LOVE. I adore them. I bought these red pair, and also the khaki, but I plan on going back for the black and the teal. They aren't what I imagined, they aren't very stretchy at all, but I love them.  

Details-- Top: H&M. Pants: H&M. Necklace: H&M. Watch: D&G. Sandals: Michael Kors. Bag: Coach. 

Our delicious dinner--

I hope you guys enjoyed! I've missed blogging so much. Hopefully I can keep my posts consistent this summer. I'm really trying to keep structure while I'm not in school.
Anyway, thanks for reading and talk to you soon!
XO Kara


  1. Pink pants are amazing. When I was younger I hated the pink color, but now I love all shades of pink;) You've a beautiful smile!

  2. Thank you both!!
    I used to hate pink too! Now I can't get enough of it haha :)

  3. I'm drooling over that sushi. And I nominated you for an award!! btw, I'm having a 100+ Follower Urban Decay Giveaway! I hope you enter :) ♥

  4. Hello! Love the pants and that sushi looks amazing! Great blog! :-)

  5. Hey beautiful, thank you so much for following. I am now your newest follower :)