Tag Time!

Hello dolls-
You all know my love for tags. I think they're a fun way to get to know more about bloggers. I was really excited to see that Sal tagged me :)

Here it goes!

1. Each person must post 11 things about themselves on the blog.
2. Answer the questions the tagger has set for you , as well as, creating your own eleven for the people you will tag.
3. Choose eleven people and link them in your blog.
4. Go to their page and tell them.
5. No tags back.
6. You legitimately have to tag.

11 Random Facts:
1. I naturally have dark blonde hair
2. I was a tom boy when I was little
3. I've lived in the same town my whole life
4. I would really like to open a bakery at some point in my life
5. I wanted braces and glasses when I was little
6. I'm slightly claustrophobic
7. I love wrapping and giving presents
8. One Direction is my guilty pleasure [Whoops, Backstreet Boys days all over again]
9. I love theatre and the arts
10. I could watch YouTube videos for hours
11. Sometimes I dream in Spanish  

Sal's questions & my answers:
1. What's your favorite food?
I'm a sucker for a really great sandwich
2. Who do you find the most inspiring person?
My dear friend Chelsea who just moved. She has shown me that you can do anything you put your mind to. She constantly inspires me.
3. If there's something in your life that you can change, what would it be?
How impatient I am.
4. How's your relation with your siblings, if you have any?
I have an older brother. We used to hate each other, then when he went to college we stopped fighting, but weren't friends. Now we get along well and I'm really happy with how things have changed.
5. What's your favourite piece of clothing and why?
If I had some great designer piece like a Chanel Jumbo Flap or an Hermes bangle, maybe I'd say that, but alas I do not. It's probably my black Target pants you guys have seen a thousand times. They make any outfit feel more put together and I think they fit really well. They just make me feel great.
6. Name three things that you must have done before you die.
1. Meet Ellen Degeneres. 2. Visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. 3. Own a Chanel bag.
7. What are you most passionate about?
Making every little moment count. I want everything in life to be meaningful, which is why I don't mind my little OCD things I do. I don't want to just do things to get by, I try to give everything a purpose.
8. How often do you have 'no makeup-days'?
Not very often actually. I'll go for like half the day without makeup, say if I wake up and work out and then shower and get ready. But it's rare for me to go a whole day with zero makeup.
9. What's your addiction?
My dog.
10. Which celebrity do you find most annoying?
Heidi Montag. She is famous for no reason.
11. Which series do you watch?
I don't watch a ton of random TV, but I do watch these shows faithfully: 
Dexter, Glee, So You Think You Can Dance and The 

My Questions:
1. Where were you born?
2. What are your three favorite beauty products?
3. What made you start blogging?
4. Flats or heels?
5. Do you have any tattoos?
6. Who is your favorite celebrity?
7. What inspires you?
8. How do you like your coffee?
9. Would you ever dye your hair a crazy color?
10. What could you eat every day?
11. Three things on your bucket list?

The Bloggers I Tag:

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you enjoyed learning a bit more about me :) Talk to you soon
XO Kara


  1. thanks so much hun! this is so lovely! :)
    btw i can't believe that you are blond :D lol
    and dreams on spanish..that must be interesting ;)


  2. Loved reading your 11 facts and the answers to my questions! Funny that you dream in Spanish! You aren't Spanish, are you?

    1. Thanks so much for the tag! This was a fun one.
      And no I'm not, but I'm a Spanish major :)

  3. it's so fun learning more about you :) i love watching Glee as well! and I thank you for tagging me ♥

  4. hey, you! so nice learning more about you. i was totally a tomboy, too, growing up. :) thanks so much for tagging me... i am horrible at moving these forward, but i'll do my best to move it forward.

    hope you have a great day!! :)

  5. Thank you darling!!! i grabbed your button too :)

  6. Can't wait to read all of your posts! I know it's hard to keep tags going, they're kind of time consuming. Thanks for stopping by!

  7. Awe thank you so much for tagging me! You're so sweet!! <3
    loved reading all your answers - I also love my dogs!

    The Urban Umbrella