What's In My Bag?

Hello loves

As you probably know, I really enjoy watching beauty YouTubers
I'm subscribed to an obscene amount
One of the most popular "beauty" videos on YouTube is probably the 
"What's In My Bag?" tag
I personally love watching them
I guess I'm just nosy like that

I can't believe it's taken me a year to write this post, but I figured it was time to share it with you all!

You guys probably remember my beautiful Rebecca Minkoff bag I bought in summer
In case you didn't see it, her she is

While I was in Spain, I saw there was a Rebecca Minkoff event on Hautelook
[In case you don't know what Hautelook is, it is a website that has really great designer events that change every day, and they are greatly discounted]
I couldn't resist, and bought my bag a sister
What can I say? I think Rebecca's designs are flawless
I ordered it in the beginning of October and had it sent home, so I had to wait until December to actual see my beauty in person
They definitely aren't cheap, but in my opinion they are well worth the money

[If you follow me on Instagram, you've seen this bag plenty of times, but this is her debut on my blog!]

Most people are familiar with her Mini MAC bags, this bag however is the original MAC, which is just a little bigger
I seriously love this bag so much
It's a great size for me
I don't like huge bags, but it also holds every thing I want it to
It has an inside zip pocket, as well as two pockets on the other side
There is a zippered pocket under the clasp closure on the outside of the bag, as well
The gold hardware is great quality, as is the leather
I absolutely love the chain strap [which is removable]
The cheetah pattern also helps make a simple outfit more exciting
Overall, I couldn't be happier with this bag

Let's move on to what is inside

I've mentioned before that I am a Type 1 Diabetic, so I always have my blood glucose meter and fruit snacks [in case my blood sugar goes low] with me
This is kind of frustrating at times because I have to have my meter with me, but it's kind of large, so I always have to take that into account when buying a new bag 
 Since it's pretty much always freezing in Wisconsin, I have my deep purple leather gloves
 I'll usually bring whatever lip product I'm wearing that day with me, but these three are almost always in my bag since they go with anything
Maybelline Baby Lips, Chanel lipstick in Charme, and Mac lipstick in Modesty
And gum, of course

 Next is my coral wallet from Coach
It's a really great quality leather wallet
As you can see, there's plenty of room for cards, and I really like the metal turn-lock closure
 Often times I will switch back and forth between my wallet and this Coach wristlet
Next is my favorite hand lotion of all time
Soap&Glory Hand Food
No joke, this stuff is amazing
It makes your hands so soft, and hardly leaves a residue
The smell alone is reason enough to buy it
I like this mini size because it's perfect to keep in your purse
They usually have these in the line as you check out at Sephora and it's only $5

Next are my car keys, nothing special, but I love my Tiffany & Co. key ring, and also my little shell keychain from The Camino de Santiago
 My iPhone 4s

 Last, but definitely not least, my sunglasses
They are Polarized RayBan Wayfarers
These are probably my favorite sunglasses ever
I have pretty sensitive eyes, so even if it's not very sunny, I'm usually wearing my sunglasses

The contents of my purse change slightly depending on what I'm doing
But for the most part, this is what I usually have with me!

As I told you guys I'm quite nosy, I'd love for you to do this tag!
Either write a post or simply write your essentials in the comments :)

Thanks so much for reading!
XO Kara


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