Happy New Year!

Happy New Year friends!!

2012 was definitely a year of firsts for me
My first time being to Europe, my first Guinness, received my first DSLR camera, started my blog, gained new best friends and strengthened friendships with others. The list goes on.
I've changed a lot this year, and I regret not documenting my life better
I've realized just how precious life is and I don't want to take it for granted
I am prepared to make 2013 one of the best years yet

Normally I don't think much about resolutions, but I feel different this year
Instead of necessarily making resolutions, I've made promises to myself
I don't expect to just change over night, I realize that my goals will take time, but having a direction and something to work towards is what is going to make this year different

I'm not going to share all of these things with you, but I would like to tell you about a couple

I want to journal every day
My wonderful friend Rachel bought me a journal that I love
I want to journal so that I can remember, and also so I can track progress and actually see how I change

Trust in God's plan
Often times I get nervous when things don't go the way I plan
Who knows where I will end up if I stop trying to control things and step back and let God work

Stay in touch
As I grow up, those who matter most to me aren't always physically close to me
I have friends that go to universities all over the country, and now I also have friends in other countries.
I want to really try to keep in touch this year

Finally starting my own blog has made me so incredibly happy this year
Sometimes I just get lazy, and even if I have time to blog, I'd rather do something else
I'm learning so much from the blog world and I really want to put forth even more effort into my blog this year

Thank you guys so much for reading
I hope you had an AWESOME New Year's Eve, and I hope you're as excited for 2013 as I am
Have you guys made any resolutions?
I'd love to hear

Talk to you soon
XO Kara


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