Weekend Getaway :: Granada

Hello there!
How have you all been?

I just took my finals yesterday for two of my classes.
I'm not quite sure how well I did, but all I know is I am beyond relieved to be done with these classes.

The other weekend, my program took a trip to Granada.
It's about 4 hours away from Alicante.
We packed a lot into our weekend and experienced the beautiful city.
It was refreshing to see a different area of Spain.
It made me realize that the city I live in is very much a "beach town"
Granada has that wonderful historic feel and beautiful traditional style that I was expecting when I thought of Spain.

We did a walking tour of part of the city the first night before attending a flamenco show [the same one Michelle Obama saw a couple years ago, which means I basically met her], we took a tour of La Cartuja de Granada, a monastery built in 1516, we saw where Colombus got the treaty signed by the queen to sail to "India"
We also toured a museum all about Fernando and Isabel, spent a lot of time at the Alhambra, a Muslim palace, and finished out our tour by visiting a small town of homes built in caves.

Here is a peek into what I saw in Granada :)
 View of the city
 Minda, myself, Megan and Jen before the flamenco show

 Where the treaty was signed
 La Cartuja

 All from the Alhambra
Cave homes

I hope you all enjoyed! I took so many photos, it's really ridiculous
Talk to you soon
XO Kara