My New Home

How have you all been?

Well, I'm working through my second week of classes.
I'm so happy it's almost the weekend!
Right now I have a Spanish conversation class from 11-12, and an intensive Spanish class from 12-3, Monday-Friday.
It's pretty intense, because it's basically fitting a semester's amount of work into one month.
This evening I find out what the rest of my classes will be for the rest of the semester.
Thanks goodness these two classes are done at the end of September.
I'm really hoping my other ones will be better.

Things are getting more comfortable here, little by little.
I still think about home a lot, but don't get me wrong, I'm really enjoying my time.
I haven't been taking too many photos, because I haven't been doing anything too exciting.
Basically going to school, doing homework, going to the beach and eating. A lot.
I don't know if it's rude to take photos of my food, and my host family is almost always around when I eat, but if I can get some photos I'll show you guys!

My program is heading to Granada this weekend, which is supposed to be a beautiful city.
I can't wait to take lots of photos and share them with you guys!

Here are some of my first snapshots from Alicante :)

 The Explanada: an area with a ton of restaurants and ice cream shops right by the beach. Where I spend a good amount of my time.

 The beach & the Mediterranean Sea
 New friends :) [minus Megan]

 Views from the castle
 Mojitos allllll the timeeeee

Working on becoming a bronzed goddess

Hope you guys liked the photos!
Talk to you soon
XO Kara


  1. How is your Spanish experience going haha? Alicante is a really nice city, in fact I'll be posting some pics from my summer there soon! And you have to enjoy Granada so much, it's an amazing city!!
    Thank you for the following, I'm following back and looking forward for your next post, feel free to practice your Spanish on your comments in my blog!!!
    Have a nice day xx

    1. Thanks for following and stopping by!! Granada was absolutely beautiful, I'll have photos coming soon. And I most definitely will practice my Spanish, besos :)

  2. These pictures are amazing! I can't wait to see the ones from Granada. I love Spain and Spanish too :) x

    Visit my blog and become a follower if you want

  3. Whoo-hoo! Thats awesome, great place!! :)