Outfit Recap

Hello lovelies

I feel like so much is going on and I have so many things to tell so many different people, it's hard to keep everything straight
I just want to give you all a bit of an update, as with every blog post of mine

Again, things are getting more comfortable
I started a film class and also a lit class this week
I really like the film class, and I'm not sure about the lit class quite yet
These classes are taught by my study abroad program director, as opposed to taking them at the university, so it's a bit more lenient, and it's also with other students from my program, so I really like that
I only have a week and a half left of my classes that I don't particularly enjoy, so YAY!

My program went to Granada this past weekend and it was absolutely beautiful!
We did a ton of walking and saw a lot of the city
I'll have a post coming soon :)

Since I've been doing so much traveling, I haven't been blogging about makeup and fashion and I miss it
But to be honest, there is always so much going on, I kind of just stick with makeup looks that I'm comfortable with, and I haven't been too daring with my outfits
It's so hot here, I'm usually just trying to stay cool
It is nice though, because you never really see people in athletic clothes, and you can tell a lot of students put effort into their outfits for class
I love this, because in the states, I kind of feel like a freak if I put a real outfit together for class

Here are just some snapshots of some of my recent outfits :)
Sorry some are just shot on my iPhone

Details-- Top: Marshall's. Pants: PacSun. Flats: Old Navy. Necklace: Forever 21. Watch: Fossil. 

Details-- Top: Christopher and Banks. Pants: J.Crew. 

Details-- [Left] Dress: Forever 21. Wedges: Target.
[Right] Top: Francesca's. Pants: PacSun.

Details-- Top: Marshall's. Pants: Marshall's. Sandals: Steve Madden.

Details-- Top: Marshall's. Maxi: Marshall's. Sandals: Michael Kors.

Details-- Dress: Marshall's. Shirt: Old Navy. Flats: Old Navy.

We have learned a few things from this post
1. I love Marshall's [as if that's news]
2. I buy the same shirt in different colors

I hope you guys liked these outfits, and I'll do more posts like this if you'd like!
I'll have a Granada post coming soon:)
Talk to you soon loves
XO Kara


  1. hehe I am so in love with Marshalls myself! Cute cute outfits!!