Hasta Luego!

Hi friends!
I'm about to embark on a very exciting journey
I leave today for a week long hiking trip along El Camino de Santiago (or The Way of St. James)
It has existed for thousands of years, and was an extremely important Christian pilgrimage during medieval times
There are numerous routes, but my group won't be doing the entire trip
Instead we will be doing a 100 kilometer journey, ending in Santiago
I am beyond excited! And also quite nervous
I have heard so many good things about this experience, I just can't wait to take it all in
Tonight we take a train to Madrid, and then an overnight train to where we will begin our journey at 5:30 am tomorrow!
It will be our longest day; we'll hike until sunset
Along the way we will be stopping in villages and small towns to eat, and staying in Christian hostiles at night

Here is what I'm bringing for the week long journey
 Top row-- Spandex shorts. Sports bras and socks. Under Armour zip up. Light blanket and small towel.
Bottom row-- Two pairs of shorts and running leggings. Longsleeve. 3 t-shirts and a tank. Black PacSun pants.
 Right side: Nike's. Crocs. Diabetes supplies [not shown, but I also have an obscene amount of juice boxes and fruit snacks, I anticipate my blood sugar going low a lot]
 Toothpaste. Motrin. Clinique moisturizer and face wash with wash cloth. Eyelash curler. Maybelline Mega Plush mascara. Baby Lips chapstick. Foot cream [gross, but it's supposed to help with blisters]. Shampoo. Body wash. Sunscreen. [And deodorant, I just forgot to lay it out].
 Fossil watch. Coach sunnies. iPod. Trail mix. Homemade trailmix [pretzels, dried apricots, dried figs, blanched almonds and M&Ms], mini journal
 Do I look like I'm ready to go hiking? Hahaha
Can't wait to be hauling this bad boy around the trails

Wish me luck and I can't wait to share stories with all of you!!
Talk to you in a week :)
XO Kara


  1. Good luck! Have fun and enjoy this time! Can't wait to hear all about it ;)

  2. I hope you have fun, enjoy!
    I nominated you on the Liebter Award.