Busy Bee

I am so sorry that I haven't posted in ages
I'm going to try to give you a run down of the past few weeks as short as possible

The Camino

It was probably the hardest thing I've done
It's so difficult to explain the camino unless you've done it, but it was an incredible experience
Through all of the blisters, sore feet, legs, hips, knees, shoulders and back, the rain, the mountains and everything in between, I enjoyed my journey
The first day we hiked 37 kilometers, 26 the next, 24 on the third day and finished with 16 on the last day
There is a saying in Spanish, "Con pan y vino, se anda Camino"
Which means with bread and wine, you walk the camino
This held true, the majority of what we ate was bread and pasta, and we had our fair share of wine
Along the way there were so many grapes and figs we could just pick and eat while hiking
They were SO delicious

There truly is no way I could describe the way I felt during the camino
We met so many inspiring people and saw some magnificent sights
It definitely will not be forgotten
Here are some of my favorite photos

 Minor break down

I know it's gross, but I just needed to share this photo with you
I tried to spare you by not making this photo huge hahaha

After being home for a week, my friends and I headed to IRELAND (!!!) this past weekend
You guys
I thought I was in love with London, but I absolutely adored Ireland (they're probably tied)
Everything about the country was perfect
The people were so incredibly nice and genuine, their accents are to die for, the rolling green hills are breath taking, and the beer is great
We went with a tour group which provided hostels, transportation, tours and more
It really helped us maximize our short time there
We took our 3 hour flight from Alicante to Dublin on Thursday night and immediately went out to experience the night life
We kicked off our time with an Irish Car Bomb (which is apparently offensive, whoops) and hung out with the locals
The next day we spent hours walking through Dublin, stopped for a delicious lunch, then made our way to the Guinness factory to tour and enjoy a pint
We spent another night on the town and made our way to the Cliffs of Moher the next day (part of The Half Blood Prince was filmed here, I almost died)
After enjoying the beautiful sights, we continued our journey to Galway, an absolutely beautiful city bursting with life
We ditched our tour to explore for ourselves and I'm really glad we did
We spent our final night enjoying a few pints and some AWESOME live music in a pub where I'm sure we were the youngest people
We were honestly so sad to leave, I completely fell in love with the city
I already told my mom we need to travel there together at some point
Here are a few of my favorite photos from the weekend

Now we're off to Paris on Wednesday!

I hope you guys enjoyed this super long post
Thanks so much for reading
XO Kara