Current Favorites

Hi dolls!
So bad news about my wisdom teeth; I have dry sockets.
I was at work Friday night and the pain was seriously excruciating, but I thought I was just being a baby.
Finally I went to the on call dentist yesterday to have him check it out and he knew right away.
He put these numbing things in the sockets though and it has helped SO MUCH.
What a relief.

Anyways! You guys know I'm terrible at keeping up with monthly favorites. I figured I'd just show you some random things I've been loving lately!!

Bright lipstick, really sleak, black liquid liner, and gold/bronze shadows
[Revlon lipstick in Fuchsia Fusion, Elf liquid liner, Naked2 pallet]

Perfect nude lipstick for my skin tone
[Modesty by Mac]

Effortless hair and my little pup, Frankie, sitting like a diva

My favorite brushes from my Sigma set. I can do a review if you'd like!
[F70 concealer brush, F40 angled contour, E40 tapered blending]

 Delicious summer drinks
[Mango smoothie from Stone Creek Coffee]

Current book I'm reading
[Delirium by Lauren Oliver]

Finally going on tumblr again, it's been ages
[Follow me here]

Summertime by Alex Pelzer
Just the fact that it's summer and that his voice sounds like an angel sliding down a rainbow.
I honestly don't understand half the things I say. Sorry for that weird statement guys. 

So those are all of my current favorites!!
What have you been loving?
XO Kara


  1. Nice post! I'd love to read a review of the Sigma brushes. I've been searching for new brushes for a while now and I'm curious if these are the right brushes for me :)

  2. Great post!!!!



  3. Definetly A little jealous of your Naked 2 palette >.< Thanks for sharing !

  4. love all of your favorites!! especially the naked 2 palette

  5. Thanks for your comments! And I'll get a review soon, Sal :)

  6. I love your hair wavy like this!
    And, your puppy is super cute! :D